Discover what a real piñata straight from Mexico looks like!

Today my guest is Roxana Castañeda Meda. Roksana is Mexican and comes from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. On a daily basis, she is mother of two children and runs the company RCJM Roxana Castaneda Meda, which specializes primarily in piñatas, yarn clothing and Latin decorations

Where did the idea of making piñatas come from?
My daughter had a birthday and there were no piñatas in the store (at least not as pretty as I wanted). My girl missed it and so she decided to make her own piñata. That was seven years ago.
What is a piñata actually?
Pinata is the centerpiece of fun for birthdays, holidays and fun for both children and adults. It is filled with sweets and being an attraction for this occasion. It is made of glue, paper and a balloon.
When and why do Latinos use piñatas?
We use pinatas especially for special ocassions like birthdays and holidays. This is kind of fun.
What is a pinata filled with?
Usually it is filled with sweets, sometimes with fruit or money.
What does a typical piñata game look like?
Playing with pinata is beautiful, there is always a lot of shouting and laughing.
What do you like most about this job?
Creating something so beautiful with my own hands and I can use my imagination and see the joy of children and adults at the end.
How long does it take to make a piñata like this one?
The hardest ones up to 2 weeks.
What’s the weirdest piñata you’ve ever made?
That was Pinata-Putin.
pinata z podobizną Putina
Which of the piñatas you’ve made so far has been the hardest?
The llama and the princess-pinata.
pinata w kształcie lamy
pinata w kształcie księżniczki Disney'a Bella
Which piñatas do customers order most often?
They mostly order stars because they are the most popular in Mexico and PAW Patrol because kids like them.
pinata w kształcie kolorowej gwiazdy
Please describe the child’s attitude while breaking a piñata?
They get excited when they can break the piñata and look forward to that moment when all the candy drops out.
Do adults sometimes order piñatas too?
Sure, it is fun for the whole family and friends.
Of all the clients you have created for, who was the youngest and the oldest?
I made a lot of piñatas for both the young and the old. The youngest was 4 years old and the oldest 70 years old.
If you would like to have a unique piñata or a wardrobe made of Roxana yarn Here are my contact details:
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